Ways to help the show

Some of you have been asking how you can help contribute to the show. #1 on the list will always be to keep listening, watching, liking, sharing our show to get the word out. #2 would be to go to iTunes and give the show a 5 star rate and review pretty please (bats eyelashes).  But if you've already done all that stuff and still want to help out, then here are some other options :)


Shop on amazon

If you were planning on going on Amazon to buy some stuff anyway, please go through the link on the banner below to do so! Now that we are Amazon Affiliates (official as fuckkk) we get a little kickback from whatever you buy when you go through our portal. Still the same old Amazon, the only difference is how you get there! Just click the banner and proceed to buy whatever it was that you were planning on getting in the first place, only now you can rest your little head at night knowing that the giant dildo you just bought helped to fund Mixed Feelings Podcast!

Do it!

....or else.



If you like the show, consider becoming a Milk and Cookies Subscription Service member! Its THE best way to support the show! $3/month get you bonus episodes audio and exclusive video! Getchu some!



Hey, you can always just give us money. We like that shit. Yeah...