Episode 4

Voodoo spells, good luck charms, masterfully crafted games of wit and skill, getting Florida marijuana reform back on the ballots, and the much anticipated introduction of Trump Watch 2016!  Episode 4 of the Mixed Feelings Podcast is ready you guys! :D 

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Just in case you guys wanted to play a few rounds of Crappergories, here are the lists Cassi made.  Also, go here and you can use virtual Scattergories dice for your game in case you are fresh out of game pieces.  We played shorter 40 second rounds, but still with the same general Scattergories rules.  If you come up with anything good let us know! This can be a fun drinking game :D

List 1

  1. Pimp name
  2. Something Shai Lebouf is probably doing right now
  3. Somewhere you'd likely find a varmint
  4. A lil stupid ass bitch
  5. Alcoholic drank

List 2

  1. Nickname for a peeeenis
  2. For a good time call.....
  3. Someplace you might get mugged
  4. Famous person that probably eats babies
  5. Food that shouldn't exist

List 3

  1. Something your momma wears
  2. Don't want to run into your ex while/at/in.....
  3. Summthin purple
  4. I don't understand....
  5. The vehicle you deserve to drive (be honest you bitch)
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