Episode 40

Episode 40 is a special Game Time edition of the show, and we had the side splitting pleasure of playing Cards Against Humanity!  Disclaimer: If you have a job that frowns upon laughing out loud, then you may want to listen to this one on the way home….or at least try not to damage any electronics in your cubicle by spitting hot coffee on them or something. We will not be liable for such damages :p  Enjoy the show, my lil teriyaki jerkies!

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Game Time! Cards Against Humanity!

So basically what we did was play the game and make twitter polls for each question so that YOU, the listener, can act as Card Czar! We'll keep the poll open a few days and announce the winner on the next episode! Each picture in the gallery below is a link to the Twitter poll for each question in the correct order, so you can just vote from here as you listen to make it easier :) There isn't a lot of room for text in the Twitter polls, but Cassi's answers will be first, and Mandy's second.




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Mandy’s pick this week:

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