Episode 21

What are them ol' mixed girls up to this time?  Well, looks like they're at it again, beatin' folks into the Mixed Feelings Mafia, sexually harassing Wheeler Walker Jr on social media, and bringing Trump Watch back to ya in Episode 21!  Make sure you're checking out our show on YouTube now too because who doesn't want to look at Mandy and Cassi for 30-45 minutes anyways? (if you internally or audibly said "me" then hush). Give us a click click, and if you're Wheeler Walker Jr then send us a dick pic! That's right. I said it. 

You can also watch the show here on YouTube!

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Mandy's future husband.  Please go and love him!



Shout Outs

Look for us on Lemme Finish Ep 86: Five’s Company and then listen to the rest of their stuff because they're awesome!    Thanks for having us Jason, Atticus and James!  Links to everywhere you can find them will be in the show notes and on screen for the Youtube peeps

Each host has a youtube as well

Mixed Feelings Mafia Beat Ins

Loud and Obnoxious Podcast guys want in on the mafia!, part of the @menrulenetwork, find them on twitter @loud_obnoxious_  and on their personal accts below:

Adding onto the TN Hilltop Hoochers who are in charge of making our 200 proof champagne called God’s Vagina.  Loud and Obnoxious crew are in charge of working the streets.  Axl “Halfpint” Serpentino is a small dude that sings pretty much exactly like Axl Rose and has even grown his hair out and dyed it red to fit the roll.  Drownin in pussy. They use Axl’s touring schedule as a cover for travelling around and finding new customers to buy our God’s Vagina Champagne.  Korey “the Cold Cut” Slice-a-roni is crazy and for some reason really good with Ginsu knives and will cut your face off in thin slices and eat it on a sandwich if you refuse to buy our drank!  Dave ‘the Buster” Poppacucci is a slick motherfucker who bounces all of Axl’s groupies away, but usually just fucks them in secret in a broom closet somewhere.  Davey “the Gravy” Mankini is good with money so he handles that shit….but he’s also a freak and wears a manly bikini under his 3 piece suit….his signature move is to sneak up behind you and pull the string from his triangle top out of his sleeve and strangle you with it.

Massachusetts ManHandlers

Welcome to our new chapter and the boss of it!

  • Eric “el Gringo-McStabbin-Francesca-the Shamrock” Washington - @MistaCoocha

The Massachusetts ManHandlers is a group founded for the sole purpose of manhandling - in every sense of the word!  Some of our Manhandlers are big burly badasses that act as our muscle whenever someone needs a little “convincing”.  Some of our Manhandlers are women, out there hustling and whoopin asses in the name of the mafia.  Some of our manhandlers are out there firmly grabbin dicks - who needs a reason for that? Not me, and not Eric “el Gringo-McStabbin-Francesca-the Shamrock” Washington, the leader of the man-handlers.  He is a man of many faces!  Sometimes he is mild mannered Eric, a beautician who uses the salon as his cover for trading info and getting the scoop.  Or one of his many personas might take over at any time, like McStabbin, the crazy Irish bastard that will stab you in the face when he’s had one too many shots of Jameson, or Francesca the sexy Drag Queen who’s in charge of all of our LGBT ManHandlers out there!  Eric is also mixed - Irish, Puerto Rican, and a smidge black.  The puerto Rican in him is why he has so many hyphenated gang names lol. Massachusetts 

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