Episode 29

You know you want to listen to the new episode. Don't even try to deny it :p  This week Cassi and Mandy talk about going to the gym and the sights and wonders to behold there (i.e. people watching)...then how we immediately voided the workout at Froyo Mountain, Mandy's terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day, and how Cassi is on CPT and Mandy is a No-Show-Jones due to some "deficiency".  Got a couple of good mafia beat ins this episode as well!  Go on and listen now, my lil gumdrops!

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Mafia Beat-Inz

Jen “Dat Strangler” Guhrlioni @DatGuhrlJen - Tennessee Hilltop Hoochers - 1/3 of Let's Get Drunk And Talk Comics Podcast @drunkcomicsfans - Jen is Mikey “the Murderous” Busch-etelli’s better half.  If you recall, our Hilltop Hoochers are in charge of making our 200 proof bootleg champagne after they conquered a moonshine distillery in the hills. Well, it's not easy keeping an operation like that on the hush hush...last thing we want is the fuzz showing up and stopping our production. Jen may look sweet and innocent, but she is actually a former semi-pro wrassler!  Her signature move? The Stranglehold!  Jen is out there in the streets, sneaking up behind anyone that may be spreading rumors about our still and putting them in the last Stranglehold they’ll ever be in!  And you know what makes her even more bad ass? She plays Ted Nugent’s Stranglehold on her phone while she chokes your ass out! Got you in a stranglehold baby...you better trust your fate!

Andrea “Iron Abs” Crunchatelli @andrea_o_my - Michigan Madea Cons - Andrea is not your average girl….she’s got muscles for days! Doing hours of P90X and Insanity weren’t enough for our girl. One day some muscle head at LA Fitness came and challenged her to a Crunch off. Little did he know Andrea “Iron Abs” Crunchatelli lives and dies for ab challenges! The contest went on for 3 days, but eventually the muscle bro died of a heart attack.  Her feat of strength caught the attention of the Mixed Feelings Mafia, so we have offered her the opportunity to put those abs to work. She has infiltrated Tyler Perry studios (since he is the sworn enemy of the madea cons) and is currently acting as his personal trainer, collecting dirt on him so we can formulate a plan to destroy him and the empire he has built once and for all. She is also giving him really shitty supplement recommendations so he has diarrhea all the time now.

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