Episode 31

No molesting gators allowed? Aww shucks. In episode 31 we have our operation running somewhat smoothly again.  Better late than never! Take a listen as Cassi and Mandy talk about high speed chases to escape bad dates, front lawn alligators, whether or not Publix is evil for trying to stop Medical Marijuana, and how much moving sucks...which will likely be a topic until Mandy is completely unpacked.  Enjoy the show my lil strudels! 

Once the show posts to our YouTube channel you should see it here


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Mafia Beat Ins

Jam “the Nice Guy” Gramboni is joining the Texas Titty Tweezers, find him on IG as @_jam_stagram. Jam works directly under Rob “Pricematch” Guarantino, head of Walmart relations.  He’s a guy in the inside and leads the underground army the Texas Titty Tweezers is building out of the bad ass kids in Walmart. Everyday a mom walks in with a bad ass, loud, cryin, kickin and screamin demon baby, and sometimes they just leave em there, Joe Dirt style. Well, Jam “the Nice Guy” Gramboni had a heart and decided to round up all these asshole children and train them to be assassins. They run in like an ADHD Tasmanian devil, kill everything, and run out. They’re the perfect killers. He keeps them docile by chaining them up and letting them play returned video games and eat expired stock Doritos all day.

Joey “the Flash” Sicilia is joining the Canadian Goose Stompers, find him on IG as @covermephotography. Joey “the Flash” already has a bad ass last name, so we didn't even change it.  He was born to be in the mafia! He has a squeaky clean reputation amongst Canadian law enforcement, working as a trusted and talented crime scene photographer...but what they don't know is that Joey “the Flash” is on our side.  He makes sure he’s in charge of the crime scene pictures that pertain to any Mixed Feelings Mafia related casualties and “cleans up the scene” a bit to make sure the evidence is in our favor. It's always good to have guys on the inside.

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